LaTeX, the typesetting system enables you to produce high-quality documents with less effort. Read more in my other post about LaTeX. On submitting to a conference, I had to work with their class files so I used \documentclass{llncs}. They use LaTeX Lecture Notes in Computer Science (llncs) from Springer.

In the same document, I use ArabTeX package to render Arabic characters. When I applied both packages I found that section numbers disappered! So instead of "1. Introduction" and "1.2 Title" I got "Introduction" and "Title". After spending an hour or two I found that ArabTeX redefines the section formatting command \section using \renewcommand in asect.sty. So I disabled the inclusion of such file in apatch.sty by commenting the following:

%\UsePackage {asect} % load LaTeX extensions for Arabic sections.

For a normal LaTeX installation, all files exist in /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/arabtex/
I don't know who will ever make use of this piece of information, just spreading the word. Let Google help me in that!