The onscreen keyboard input is a security feature in many website, especially banking websites. It is only useful if you are accessing your account from a public machine (which is not a good practice anyway). On such computers, a spyware may be monitoring your keyboard strokes and will have access to your typed password. However, on your own computer, if you are vigilant enough, there is no such need for such keyboard.

Here are 2 userscripts that will enable the normal keyboard input for QIB banking website on the main and the transaction pages. You will need Tampermonkey to get them working on Google Chrome, or Greasemonkey for Firefox.

After installing the above browser extensions, just follow the following links and click on "Install" on the very top of the page. Once your browser shows the main and transaction pages, it will automatically enable the password fields so that you can freely type your passwords.

  1. Enable main page password field
  2. Enable transaction page password field
The script can be extended to work on any page by looking for read-only fields and enabling them, I will do this later inshaAllah :)